Item of the Week: Bacon

Bacon makes the world go round!

There was a time before paleo when you would never find me near the bacon aisle. I would look at it sideways and scrunch up my nose and think “Yuck.” Sometimes, I would even say it. I would gladly tell the whole world that bacon was not worth my time of day and that clearly I was the only sane person in a sea of  fanatics.

Clearly, I was wrong. Bacon IS all that. And much more.

And so it falls on me, as a repenting sinner, to break down the price of bacon from Safeway, Giant, and Whole Foods. To be equitable, we’ll do it in alphabetical order of supermarkets.

Nature’s Promise 12 oz – $5.99 (49.9 cents/oz)
Farmland 12oz – $4.99 (41.5 cents/oz)
Hormel black label 12oz – $7.99 (66.5 cents/oz)
Smithfield 16oz low sodium – $6.69 (41.8 cents/oz)  ($4.99 (31.1 cents/oz) with a Giant card)
Giant brand 16oz – $4.99 (31.1 cents/oz) ($3.99 (24.9 cents/oz) with a Giant card)
Oscar Meyer Selects 12oz – $7.99 (66.5 cents/oz)
Oscar Meyer 16oz – $7.99 (49.9 cents/oz)

Hormel Black Label 12oz –  $8.99 (74.9 cents/oz) ($6.99 (58.2 cents/oz) with a Safeway card)
Oscar Meyer 12oz – $8.99 (74.9 cents/oz)
Safeway brand thick cut 3lb package – 5.33/lb (33.3 cents/oz)
Open Nature 12oz –  $5.99 (49.9 cents/oz)
Smithfield 16oz – $5.99 (37.4 cents/oz)

Applegate Organics 8oz – $6.99 (87.3 cents/oz)
Nature Rancher’s 12oz – $5.99 (49.9 cents)
Wellshire 12oz – $6.49 (54 cents/oz)
Niman Ranch 12oz – $6.49 (54 cents/oz)
365 Low Sodium 12oz – $4.99 (41.5 cents/oz)
365 Regular 12oz – $4.49 (37.4 cents/oz)
365 Applewood smokes 12oz – $7.99 (66.5 cents/oz)

Now, let’s keep in mind these are only prices. We don’t know where the pig comes from, how it was treated during its life time, the birth-to-slaughter time, how the meat was treated after slaughter, etc.

All this information tells us is that the Giant brand is the cheapest at 31.1 cents/oz, the Safeway 3lb package is next at 33.3 cents/oz and the Whole Foods 365 brand is third at 37.4 cents/oz. Of the three, the 365 brand is the only one that states that the pig is antibiotic-free. We also know that Whole Foods has high meat standards for both their private label and other labels in their store that they strictly enforce on their producers and distributors, so you know the product you’re getting is high quality. In writing this post, I was unable to find out any information on Giant’s or Safeway’s meat standard.

Whatever your bacon standards might be, just remember to make some pancakes with them!


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